The Friendly Black Hottie.

***PSA: DON'T SEND ME MSGS ABOUT THAT OLD ASS REVERSE RACISM POST. YOU'RE JUST ANNOYING, NOT CHANGING MINDS.*** Hey hey. I’m Colette. 23-year old post-grad doing that writing thing. This nook and cranny of the Tumblr universe is a mash of all the things that spark me eye and soul. That being POC and particularly Black + Woman of Color Issues, Writing, Facts & Knowledge, Diverse Beauty, Art, Lovely photographs, Health, Self-Love, God & Happy Living. As for specifics, be prepared to see Leonardo Dicaprio’s hilarium and sexiness, with the occasional Walking Dead Post [Richonne & Dixonne ftw!]. If this all appeals, then stay on the line! Amongst fan fiction and smaller projects, I’m working on a fantasy novel + a fairytale retelling anthology with all WoC heroines. ALSO: Look out for my PoC Writing Advice blog…coming mid July! Oh and I actually updated my about me with non-lazy ish.

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