So I need to get this out, otherwise it’s going to keep whirling in my head and bother me.

Now I don’t go around telling folks who they can or cannot ship.

I’m not terribly unsettled by the amount of white dude slash budding in this fandom either, nor already established in other fandoms. Like I get people’s need to do that.

But I find it awfully startling how abruptly some people are saying “Ichabod and Abbie are obviously gonna be the best of bros. There’s nothing romantic/romantic potential there at all.”


Now there’s a difference between saying you don’t see any romantic chemistry vs. you don’t want to see any romantic chemistry. A big difference between honestly noting NOTHING THERE vs. merely NOT WANTING something to be there.

And okay… You can feel this way all you want.

But you do go a step off the road when you say “oh and there’s obviously a deep love between Katrina and Ichabod.”




Now I’m not going to sit here and argue that Ichabod doesn’t love his wife. But if we’re going to go on chemistry vs. non-chemistry based on a pilot here, I honestly don’t see where some people are plucking up all this obviously deep connection.

Because from what I observed:

  • Ichabod doesn’t show any signs of great sadness that she’s, well, dead/burned at the stake/separated by time and death.
  • He doesn’t say or look at her in any particular way. It’s very..neutral. Like a well-known acquaintance or a friend.
  • On his part, things seem very dutiful. Like, he wants to help her but I honestly saw no passion from him. Not in a touch, not in a stare.
  • On the other hand, I saw a lot of love and concern on her part. I mean she put her neck out there to save him. And poor thing didn’t even get a “Thanks honey.” In fact, in the end he seems kind of irritated by her, specifically about learning she’s a witch and hid it from him.
  • Ichabod mentions a couple times that he’s separated from his wife first during the polygraph test then again with Abbie, but aside from those declarations, I read no longing in these statements. More like “Things are weird and new and not the comfortable way they were.”

Now, with Ichabod and Abbie, on the other hand:

  • There’s banter. Whether it’s flirty or not can be interpreted, but the obvious clashing and fire between them can’t be ignored without, well, you trying to ignore it. They pick on each other from the get go and there’s an undertone of humor and tolerance on both parts. For example, when Abbie tells him “Get in the car or I will shoot you.” Ich gives her this smirk and sidelook that’s just asdfghhjk there’s really no words so just LOOK









I mean seriously. The cute glances, the smirks, the looking down and away…

If you truly see nothing hot and burning up in those stares, automatically thinking friends friends!…stop. playin.

If not sparks *cough ha. ha. totes sparks.* There’s this awe there. Fascination. Respect. And of course a man and a woman can look at each other like that without it being some romantic thing (if you wanna bend backwards on this), but if you’re saying there’s nothing affectionate in these stares, hand down, to be interpreted… then you’re either:

1. in denial

2. don’t want there to be said something in said looks. Simple as that.

But own up to which one it is because that passive aggressive subtext of “well, it’s obvious they’re just friends” sounds forged and I’m not buying it. Go on and just say you don’t want it to happen. It’s quite simple, really. I ain’t mad at chya.

As for people who truly see nothing in all that (but instead see the oh so obvious chemistry between Ichabod and Katrina), I’m thinking you the product of the social construct. One that has taught us through history, movies and media that Black women aren’t objects of affection. Beyond that sassy friend to have a jab with, for her to have an actual love relationship? A Black woman, who can be soft and liked and adored by *gasp* a White man?

Pas question.

So I get it. That’s probably a foreign concept to you. Makes you uncomfortable, breaking from the grain of the sassy friend but never lover trope so many BW on TV are/have been reduced to. (There’s also that hypersexualized good for a fuck thing I see as well but I digress).

In short, this is really me trying to make sense of this discrepancy in opinions of whether or not Ichabod may or may not have a fondness for Abbie beyond friendship. I, for one, see the potential already. But seeing doesn’t mean shipping. So instead of being in denial, go on and admit it but not ship it… if you want… but if you’re blatantly ignoring the large Ichabbie breadcrumbs strewn about the first episode in favor of some self-conceived fervent passion between Ich + katrina/headless horseman/the dead priest guy…


Just saying.

Note: This all coming from a person who really likes both Katrina and Abbie and want to see these two interact and potentially kick ass together.

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